Movie Pitch – Friday The 13th: Jason Takes Parliament

GLEN (sweating copiously as usual): Mr Hollywood Producer, sir, I have a great Idea for a new Friday the 13th movie.

HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER: You’ve got about three minutes before security gets here and fucks you up, let’s hear it, dickhead.

GLEN: Okay. Here goes. After floating out to sea, from his watery grave in Crystal Lake, Jason Voorhees washes ashore on the banks of the river Thames, in London. There, the smell of bullshit coming from Parliament wakes him up. Alive once again, Jason proceeds to carve his way through politics in his usual bloody manner. Here, I drew this picture, it pretty much sums up my idea.

Jason Vorhees by Glen

Security guards burst in.

GLEN: Don’t tase me, bro! Aaaaaaaargh!!!!!!


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