Present Day Horror Anthologies

When it comes to storytelling, less is often more. I find this saying is particularly pertinant to the horror genre. The best horror writers have always been masters of the short story, Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft, MR James, and many more. I still think Stephen King’s most essential work is his horror collection Night Shift, likewise with Clive Barker and his Books of Blood. It’s probably for this reason that I prefer Amicus studios’ portmanteau horror films over Hammer studios’ more drawn out gothic yarns.

Anyway, with christmas approaching I can think no better present than an anthology of horror stories. Here’s a few new anthologies I recommend.

voices of the damned

Voices of the Damned by the talented and gorgeous Barbie Wilde. This is Barbie’s follow up to her critically acclaimed debut novel The Venus Complex. Barbie played the female cenobite in Hellraiser 2 and Voices of the Damned contains a story based around the Hellraiser mythos. Oh, and the wonderful cover art is by Clive Barker.

bazaar of bad dreams

Another year and another Stephen King book, but this time it’s a collection of short stories, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, which means I’m excited. Stephen King is truly a master storyteller, but for me it’s his short stories that are really his masterpieces.

chilling horror stories

And finally, may I recommend Chilling Horror Short Stories by Flame Tree Publishing, a great collection of horror stories, new and old. Oh, and one of the new stories just happens to be my story The Dying Art.


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