New Horror Anthology: Bumps in the Road

Black Bed Sheet Books have just released a new anthology of road based horror tales called Bumps in the Road. Edited and compiled by the brilliant Chad lutzke, check out his book Death Dealers, the anthology includes my story ‘No Good Deed’. It is available in Kindle and paperback editions. US/UK

Bumps in the Road

“Roads have been around for centuries, allowing mankind a convenient path to arrive at their destination—be it a lengthy vacation getaway with family or merely to their own inviting home after an exhausting day at work. These roadway treks can bring with them a lifetime of memories. But not all memories are good. And some things are best left forgotten. Join our storytellers as they share the morbid, woeful, and disturbing outcomes of an otherwise normal commute, as we watch each of these unfortunate souls fall victim to their own little bumps in the road. A unique horror anthology.”


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