Blue Oyster Cult & King Diamond Coming To London

Two of my all time favourite acts are coming to London to perform two classic albums. These two acts are King Diamond, the Stephen King of metal, and Blue Oyster Cult – ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ is not there only song!

Cross of QuestioningBOC haven’t played London in years, and it’s great that Albert Bouchard will be joining them. Bouchard was fired (or quit) from the band in 1981, after they recorded probably my favourite BOC album ‘Fire of Unknown Origin’. He was the bands drummer, but he also helped pen some of their best songs. And on ‘Agents of Fortune’, the album they’ll be performing in its entirety, he took the lead vocals on three songs. So they really couldn’t do these 30th anniversary shows without him.

It’s a shame that Blue Oyster Cult seem to be a bit of a forgotten band nowadays, they’re not even in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, which shows what a crock of shit that thing is. Currently without a record deal, their last album was fifteen years ago, 2001’s ‘Curse of the Hidden Mirror’ (most of the lyrics for that album were written by sci-fi/fantasy writer John Shirley). Unfortunately, I think the reason they get overlooked is because a lot of people think of them as being a one song band – Not True! Their song catalogue is amazing. Five favourite BOC songs – excluding ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’: Astronomy, Veteran of the Psychic Wars, Black Blade, Flaming Telepaths, Transmaniacon MC.

As for King Diamond, five years ago he was rushed to the hospital and ended up undergoing triple-bypass surgery, and apparently it’s been a long road to recovery since, so it’s great to see him healthy and  out touring again.

“Grandmaaaaaa!! I got a fever and the only the prescription is more cowbell.”

BOC - Kentish Town


King Diamond - Kentish Town


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