Screaming Dead @ 100 Club, London

First gig of 2017 and I finally got to see one of my all time favourite horror-punk bands, Screaming Dead, performing in support of TV Smith at the legendary 100  Club.

Sam Bignall not Jaz Coleman

Although typically a jazz venue, in September 1976 the 100 Club helped push Punk into the mainstream by hosting the first International Punk Festival. Among the acts featured were the Stranglers, the Damned, the Sex Pistols, Siouxsie and the Banshees and the Clash.

Still supporting punk music, the 100 Club were hosting the Screaming Dead as part of Resolution ’17, a punk festival that is currently being held there.

“Resolution, an 11-day festival of all things punk, will return to it’s spiritual home, the 100 Club, for the third time in January 2017. Resolution celebrates the bands and musicians who kick started the movement and those who continue to breathe new life into it today. Featuring artists including UK SUBS; The Vibrators; The Boys; street punk band, GBH; Subhumans; Nick Cash (999); ANWL; TV Smith; Discharge and many more to be announced, it promises to be one hell of a way to welcome the new year.”

Heralding from Cheltenham, the Screaming Dead took their name from the English title to Jess Franco’s 1972 schlock horror Dracula contra Frankenstein. In true DIY punk fashion they francos-screaming-deadself-released their first single ‘Valley of the Dead’ in 1982 and, on the back of its strong sales, got picked up by No Future records. In 1985, only a few singles and EPs later, the band split .

In 2014 Screaming Dead reformed for the second time. But with founding guitarist Tony McKormack committed to goth-rock band Inkubus Sukkubus, this current incarnation features only singer, Sam Bignall, and bassist, Mal Page, from the original line-up. Nevertheless, this line-up feels authentic and they played an awesome set last night, which included a great cover of the Damned’s New Rose. New guitarist, Mazzy, is a killer axe-slinger. Two gripes, though, they didn’t play ‘Angel of Death’ nor ‘Lovers’.


I snagged a copy of the band’s setlist, here it is.


Hopefully this reunion leads to a reissue of Bring Out yer Dead, an album that compiled together most of their EPs and singles. It has been out of print for ages and hard to find, and an expensive buy if you do. However, punk record label Queer Pills have reissued a couple of those classic EPs  on limited 7″ vinyl.

Also, this new line-up have put out an EP, The Resurrection. Re-recordings, not new material, though.

Singles & EPs

  • “Valley of the Dead” 7″ (1982), Skull – reissued by No Future
  • “Nigh Creatures” 12″ (1983), No Future
  • “Paint It Black” 7″ (1984), No Future
  • The Danse Macabre Collection 12″ (1984), Angel
  • “A Dream of Yesterday” (1985), Angel

Albums & Collections

  • Children of the Boneyard Stones (cassette-only) (1982), Recreational Tapes
  • Bring Out Yer Dead (1993), Angel
  • Death Rides Out (1997), Resurrection

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