New Sword & Sorcery Anthology: The Devil’s Armory III

Available now, and featuring my story ‘Into Darkness’, Devil’s Armory III from Rogue Planet Press.

Devil's Armory III

“Weapons of power can be double edged. For every enchanted blade there is a cursed sword. The warrior who wields one of these weapons will triumph against foe after foe, and yet the blade may be his own downfall. Tyrfing, forged by dwarfs under duress, had three curses to leaven its three virtues. Kullervo used the talking sword of the god Ukko to slay all his foes, and yet in the end it was with that blade that the troubled hero took his own life. Elric’s sentient blade Stormbringer drank the blood and souls of its victims in return for victory in the fight, but it was an uneasy, Faustian pact between swordsman and sword, ending in tragedy.”


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