New Horror Anthology: Triggered

Very pleased to have my short story, A Shade Darker, included in Triggered, a shocking new horror anthology from Jim Goforth and J. Ellington Ashton Press. Triggers. Everybody has them. Some traumatic life event. A phobia. Something brought on by anxiety. Fear. Loneliness. Desperation. Desire. Rage. Memories. Hatred. It’s how we react to them that shapes … Continue reading New Horror Anthology: Triggered


Screaming Dead @ 100 Club, London

First gig of 2017 and I finally got to see one of my all time favourite horror-punk bands, Screaming Dead, performing in support of TV Smith at the legendary 100  Club. Although typically a jazz venue, in September 1976 the 100 Club helped push Punk into the mainstream by hosting the first International Punk Festival. … Continue reading Screaming Dead @ 100 Club, London

Horrorific Vinyl: 2016’s Horror OSTs

Over the past few years vinyl has been making and come back, helping the record industry mend some of the damage it started doing to itself back in the 80s, when it shortsightedly encouraged (forced = bonus CD tracks!) record buyers to switch over to the cheaper to produce Compact Disc, never foreseeing the possibility … Continue reading Horrorific Vinyl: 2016’s Horror OSTs

Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to the Misfits

There's still a few days left to contribute to the  Kickstarter campaign for Hybrid Moments: A literary Tribute to the Misfits, 'a collection of short stories inspired by the songs of the greatest horror punk band of all time'. By participating you can snag yourself limited edition copies of the book, due out in October, and a … Continue reading Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to the Misfits

Official Poster For Rob Zombie’s 31 Unveiled

The official poster for Rob Zombie's long awaited movie 31 has been released and it looks amazing. I'm really looking forward to seeing this flick. It comes out on VOD on September 16th and in theaters on October 21st. “Five carnival workers are kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned, Hell-like compound where they are … Continue reading Official Poster For Rob Zombie’s 31 Unveiled

Blue Oyster Cult & King Diamond Coming To London

Two of my all time favourite acts are coming to London to perform two classic albums. These two acts are King Diamond, the Stephen King of metal, and Blue Oyster Cult - 'Don't Fear the Reaper' is not there only song! BOC haven't played London in years, and it's great that Albert Bouchard will be … Continue reading Blue Oyster Cult & King Diamond Coming To London

November Coming Fire

November can be quite a depressing month, not because of the early sunsets and the chilly weather (I personally like both these things), but because Halloween has passed, the end of the year is now on horizon and one begins reflect on just how quick the past eleven months have flown by. It's fortunate then … Continue reading November Coming Fire