Tobe Hooper – The Master

So heartbroken today, after waking up to discover the news that Tobe Hooper has passed on. Hooper's work probably more than any other filmmaker  has been a source of constant inspiration to me, my writing - and I'm proud of my genre writing - would not be what it is without his movies. Where I … Continue reading Tobe Hooper – The Master


Top Five George A. Romero Flicks

As his long time collaborator and friend Tom Savini put it, "There is a light that's gone out and can't be replaced." George A. Romero (1940-2017) was one the father's of the modern horror movie, the zombie genre wouldn't be what it is today without him, for what is the zombie genre today if not … Continue reading Top Five George A. Romero Flicks

New Sword & Sorcery Anthology: The Devil’s Armory III

Available now, and featuring my story 'Into Darkness', Devil's Armory III from Rogue Planet Press. "Weapons of power can be double edged. For every enchanted blade there is a cursed sword. The warrior who wields one of these weapons will triumph against foe after foe, and yet the blade may be his own downfall. Tyrfing, … Continue reading New Sword & Sorcery Anthology: The Devil’s Armory III

Jim Steinman’s Bat out of Hell @ Manchester Opera House

"Based on the most influential album of Jim Steinman’s storied collaboration with singer Meat Loaf, BAT OUT OF HELL is a romantic adventure about rebellious youth and passionate love against the backdrop of a post-cataclysmic city. Following Strat, who has fallen in love with the daughter of the despotic Falco, this new musical is a … Continue reading Jim Steinman’s Bat out of Hell @ Manchester Opera House

Screaming Dead @ 100 Club, London

First gig of 2017 and I finally got to see one of my all time favourite horror-punk bands, Screaming Dead, performing in support of TV Smith at the legendary 100  Club. Although typically a jazz venue, in September 1976 the 100 Club helped push Punk into the mainstream by hosting the first International Punk Festival. … Continue reading Screaming Dead @ 100 Club, London

Horrorific Vinyl: 2016’s Horror OSTs

Over the past few years vinyl has been making and come back, helping the record industry mend some of the damage it started doing to itself back in the 80s, when it shortsightedly encouraged (forced = bonus CD tracks!) record buyers to switch over to the cheaper to produce Compact Disc, never foreseeing the possibility … Continue reading Horrorific Vinyl: 2016’s Horror OSTs

New Horror Anthology: Crossroards in the Dark II – Urban Legends.

Out now, my story 'The Whispering Tree' appears in Croosroads in the Dark II: Urban Legends, a new horror anthology by Burning Willow Press. The release also features work by C.C. Adams, David Owain Hughes, Alice J. Black and many other great horror writers. "32 tales…32 storytellers with a twisted mind to entice you. When … Continue reading New Horror Anthology: Crossroards in the Dark II – Urban Legends.