Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to the Misfits

There's still a few days left to contribute to the  Kickstarter campaign for Hybrid Moments: A literary Tribute to the Misfits, 'a collection of short stories inspired by the songs of the greatest horror punk band of all time'. By participating you can snag yourself limited edition copies of the book, due out in October, and a [...]


DVD Release for Tobe Hooper’s I’m Dangerous Tonight (1990)

I'm a massive Tobe Hooper, he is without question my favourite American genre director, I've seen all his movies, all, that is, except for 1990's I'm Dangerous Tonight. Based on a novella by crime writer Cornell Woolrich (1903-1968), this was a made for TV horror movie that aired on the USA Network on 8 August [...]

Horror & Metal: The Misfit, The Zombie & The Clown

There are three films currently in development that not only promise to be really good but also to reinforce the symbiotic relationship that exists between horror and metal, the twins of evil. The three films are Ge Rouge, 31 and Officer Downe. Of the three, Ge Rouge is by far the one I’m most looking [...]